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We understand that every client is different and strive to provide a level and range of services suitable for each individual.

Depending on the required level of services, a client can select one of the long-term investment programs run by Fusion Group or ask for a tailor-made solution. In the latter case, our specialists will consider specific aspects of the client mandate, such as required liquidity, minimal holding period, preferred nature of assets, minimal required income, and risk-return profile. In addition, tailor-made investment programs can be designed to be consistent with specific life requirements, selected tax optimisation strategies, and pension or inheritance planning.

Fusion Group works in partnership with some of the largest private banks. We can facilitate managed account opening under the External Asset Manager set-up in the UK, European Union or off-shore, and provide access to asset financing solutions, structured products and actively managed certificates (AMCs) from tier-one issuers.