Fusion Group works alongside its clients to support market-related aspects of their treasury services, with specific emphasis on cash management, hedging programmes, market transactions and capital optimisation.

  • set-up – initial risk audit;
  • strategy development;
  • optimisation of capital;
  • documentation negotiations;
  • transaction execution;
  • maintenance;
  • valuation and reporting;
  • accounting and valuations throughout the life of the trade;
  • strategic reviews and adjustments to risk policies.

Fusion was one of the first advisory services in Europe to address offer capital optimisation for hedging and other market transactions. From January 2013, the Basel III regulations introduced much higher capital requirements for banks to perform hedging transactions. That generates a considerable increase in hedging costs, often forcing them to reconsider hedging practices altogether.

Fusion risk advisory specialists have been involved in developing CVA processes for leading banks and have unique experience managing multi-billion dollar hedging flows.