Fusion is one of the most experienced management companies in Europe specialising in providing hedging and protective strategies. Fusion Global Protective Strategy, which started in 2007, is designed to deliver sharp increases during times of economic stress in the global financial markets. The strategy performed well in all major selloffs, being in top quantiles in 2007, 2008, 2011, 2014 and 2020.

Fusion sees protective strategies as an essential component of any investment portfolio. By reallocating to protective strategies, pension funds and wealth managers can increase returns by raising allocations to high-yielding assets while improving the quality of returns without changes in strategic asset allocation ratios and volatility targets. This became known as Aggressive Risk Management.

The Clients’ Hedge Advisory service was added to Fusion’s facilities in 2009. It was initially set up for financial intermediaries to implement specific hedges and subsequently, this offering was expanded to corporate clients. Fusion’s option-based Liquidity Hedge strategy helps corporate and institutional clients to manage their liquidity and minimise credit-related derivatives trading costs.