Managing economic risk exposures is a crucial ingredient for the success of any enterprise.

Fusion Group offers an integrated advisory service to those corporate clients who wish to receive professional advice on analysing, monitoring and managing the risks that their enterprise may be exposed to. In close cooperation with the client’s treasury, our team will identify the inherent risks and challenges of the enterprise and formulate an acceptable level of risk exposure. The three main steps are:

  • an in-depth analysis of current and potential economic, political and financial risks and exposures that an enterprise is subject to;
  • a detailed study of the interrelations and correlations of those exposures between themselves and with fundamental economic and financial risk factors;
  • the creation and implementation of specific hedges to limit the exposures to predetermined levels or, more generally, to optimise the enterprise risk exposure matrix according to criteria specific to the client.

In 2021, Fusion Group added ESG advisory, working with some of the largest banks on managing sustainability and creating a framework for assessing ESG readiness for their corporate clients.

Our clients will have the advantage of receiving professional advice and the opportunity of delegating the responsibility for taking the necessary actions to put the recommendations in place. Fusion Advisory Services are used by some of the largest multinational corporate clients, institutional investors and endowments.