Fusion Group is a group of financial services companies specialising in investment & wealth management, financial planning and corporate risk advisory services, headquartered in London. 

The core of Fusion expertise lies in the combination of extensive market experience with a quantitative approach to portfolio construction and risk management discipline.

Fusion has an extensive track record of managing investment products and providing advisory services, with particular emphasis on quantitative and protective strategies. Fusion uses its quant expertise across all Fusion products and services.

London City from St Paul

In 2012, Fusion Group started offering wealth management services to private clients and access to institutional asset management services and expertise. It offers clients customised investment solutions and addresses a wide range of customer’s requirements.

In 2015, Loyal North Plc was set up as a retail arm of Fusion Group, which is a holding and operating company for independent financial advisory businesses in the UK.

In 2016, JustFA Technology was set up as a subsidiary of Loyal North Plc which is an online investment platform that allows financial advisers to service clients online in one streamlined environment.

In 2017, Fusion Asset Management launched discretionary investment management services to financial advisers in the UK and their clients. Fusion Model Portfolio services are now available to UK retail clients on most major retail investment platforms in the UK.