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The Fusion investment process is research-driven. The company has developed a flexible working approach to financial research which is both productive and cost-effective. It combines long- and short-term projects involving internal and external expertise.

In our experience, it is optimal to undertake short-term research projects internally while running long-term projects in collaboration with academia (universities). The short-term projects are usually trading-related and have to be completed within well-defined deadlines while maintaining confidentiality and know-how. The longer-term projects generally address a broad range of questions related to investment processes and prospective business opportunities, and they are a good basis for training graduate students and future employees.
Fusion has been collaborating with St. Petersburg State University, Aston University (Birmingham), and the European University (St. Petersburg) to develop new approaches to derivatives risk management, optimal investment compensation, correlation analysis of economic risks and innovative tail risk hedging. Fusion’s employees have given lectures on various aspects of derivatives trading and risk management.
Fusion’s research ideas have been widely recognised within the industry. Members of Fusion’s team are frequent speakers at international conferences and industry round tables, covering risk management and investments for institutional, corporate and private clients.
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