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August 2016, CBONDS Review (Rus). To predict the undpredicatable crisis.
15 August 2016, Emering Europe. Belarus is making the first steps onto the international finance floor.
28 April 2014, IPE.
2014 March, CBONDS Review (Rus). On Investment in MINT countries.
 2013 September, CBONDS Review (Rus). The world after QE.
2013 June, CBONDS Review (Rus). Will Central Bank QEs bring the world economy back to live?
2012 September 5-7, CBOE Risk Management Conference, Ireland
2012 February, Euro Hedge
2012 February, The Hedge Fund Journal
2012 February 02, UCITS Hedge
2012 January 30, FX Week
2011 December 8, RT Television
2011 October 18, HedgeWeek
2011 July 12, Bloomberg

Bloomberg news article " Cracking Down on Short Bets Pares Carry Trade: Brazil Credit" quotes Kirill Ilinski

Foreign investment in Brazil totalled $39.8 billion in the first half this year, compared with $3.4 billion during the same period in 2010, according to the central bank. The real fell 1 percent yesterday, the biggest drop since June 15, to 1.5775 per dollar. It declined 0.3 percent today. “The market needs a little bit of fear that the rate can go quickly the other way,” Kirill Ilinski, who oversees $600 million as chief investment officer at Fusion Management LLP in London, said in a telephone interview. “Intervention is one way to introduce uncertainty and clearly it worked to some extent.”
2011 February, The Hedge Fund Journal
2011 January, Investment & Pensions Europe
2010 September 6, CNBC
2010 July 4, Bloomberg
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