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December 2019
Buy-side view - Fusion Asset Management: the flow market is attracting new players
In December, Kirill Ilinski, Managing Partner of Fusion Asset Management, met with Pablo Conde, Managing Editor of Structured Retail Products, to discuss the role and benefits of structured products in investment portfolios. They talked about why structured products are important in the discretionary investment management space and why the distribution model is undergoing progressive changes. Kirill also shared plans for Wealthinity and its launch as the first step towards building a digital investment bank. 

Find out more about it here https://www.structuredretailproducts.com/news/details/75688
September 2017
Panel Discussion: VIX & Volatility with Chicago Board Of Exchange
Kirill Ilinski took part in the panel discussion organised by CBOE. The panellists discussed the use of volatility related CBOE products (VIX and VIX Options) within diversified portfolios in low rates and low volatility environment. A strong focus of the discussion was the Implementation of protective strategies for diversified clients' portfolios.
February 2017
ETF DAYS Europe 2017
Kirill Ilinski (Managing Partner, Fusion AM), Henry Reece (Head of Sales Trading, Susquehanna) and Rosanna Grimaldi as moderator (Thomson Reuters Indices)
participated in panel discussion titled: Quantitative Investment Strategies, Volatility Risks and ETF Trading.

The panel covered the following questions:
- Which Index or Benchmark Universe are you looking at for your asset and wealth management activities? How are you covering alternative asset classes like volatility  and derivate commodity markets?
- High Market volatility and “Flash Crashes” and the related Risk Management are hot topics in the investment community. Could you comment as global market maker house on the various views about the causes of the Dow-Flash? How to you manage/limit your positions in general?
- On exchange-liquidity and liquidity of the underlying index: these are two different measures for investors to evaluate the liquidity for trading ETFs properly. What is your preferred indicator? What are you recommending investors to closely look at when they are trading in exchange?

More details can be found by clicking on the following link
October 2016
EBRD - Emerging Europe: Outlook on Belarus 2016
Kirill Ilisnki took part in a panel discussion "Financial Instruments and Source of Financing". Along with Kirill the following people took part in the discussion:
  • Igor Likhogrud, Chairman of the Board, Moscow-Minsk Bank
  • Olga Sherbina, Head of Belarus Office, IFC
  • Nikolay Shestak, Deputy Director, Zubr Capital
  • Valdas Vitkauskas, Senior Banker, Financial Institutions, Belarus & Moldova, EBRD
The panel discussion was filmed and can be viewed by following the link .


April 2016
Quant Summit Europe 2016
Kirill Ilinski will be speaking at Quant Summit Europe 2016.

"How to run a global asset management out of your mum’s kitchen". Some points that will be covered include:
- What can we learn from pharmaceutical research – open platforms
- Indices as a cost-effective version of prop strategies
- Key players – interests, costs and benefits
- What are the risks – legal, credit, regulatory
- “I am a quant – get me out of here”

December 2015
"Faith & Investment" in House of Lords

On the 3rd of December Kirill Ilinski attended the House of Lords for an event on "Faith and Investment" organised by the Lord Alderdice and Ms Marianne Scordel. The discussion was based on the ongoing debate that those working in the financial sector are faced with - how to ensure that their investments, decisions and actions would be more in tune with their values.

The guest speakers were invited to share their views:

- Professor Mahmood Faruqui - Senior Advisor, Bank of  London and the Middle East. Senior lawyer advising firms on Policy, Governance and Sharia's advisement of Islamic Finance.

- Roy Kuo - Team Head of Alternative Strategies at the Church Commissioners, which manages the Church of England's endowment.

- Pierre de Lauzun - CEO of the French Financial Markets Association. He received the International Prize "Economy and society" from the Vatican Foundation Centesimus Pro Pontifire in 2015.

November 2015
FX Week Europe
On the 25th of November our colleagues attended The 14th annual FX Week Europe. 
The conference addressed both the positives and pitfalls that have played out in the FX space this past year, whilst highlighting those that are set to follow. With devoted streams for both traders and investors, the conference will provide you with practical insights and vital contacts to navigate your way through testing times ahead.
November 2015
Fixed Income London
Markets Media’s inaugural Fixed Income London event will focus on the most volatile and most changing part of the markets - Fixed Income. Given the regulatory turmoil and massive investments the firms are making into their FI regulation compliance, trading strategies, technologies and execution models, most heads of Fixed Income trading are looking to learn from their peers and to find new strategies and technologies. Liquidity is short and the current market models seem to not be working any more. The conference will attract heads of fixed income trading, heads of trading and heads of trading technology from Europe’s largest buy side as well as their sell side counterparts globally. 
Kirill Ilinski will participate in the Cross Asset Panel: Can the New Fixed Income Landscape Fit Into Your Cross Asset Trading Strategy?
April 2015
2015 Fund Awards
Fusion Asset Management received an award for the best for Tailored Investment Solution in UK
March 2015
Bonds, Loans and Derivatives Russia&CIS - 3 March 2015

Artem Uskov will take part in the conference, that will discuss the developments in Russia & CIS's capital markets. 
November 2014
FX Week Europe - 26 November 2014.

Kirill gave a presentation on Algos for non-professional users. In his presentation Kirill covered the folowing:
  • Algos – what is it about; typical algo
  • Algos professional users – sell-side and buy-sides
  • Systemic risk of algos – regulatory view
  • Alternative uses of algos for institutional managers and corporate
  • Swim with the flow - How to “milk” algos
To download the presentation please press here .
April 2014
Trading & Investment Risk 2014. 

Kirill participated in the panel discussion "The search for yield" that covered current trends in investing in derivatives, bonds, equity, commodity, FX; trading strategies in the commodity space and other questions. 
December 2013
CBONDS - XI Russian Bond Conference 5 - 6 December 2013
Kirill Ilinski takes part in the Conference that is hosted by Cbonds Congress. The conference was first held in 2003, and currently is Russia’s largest debt market conference and one of the biggest events in financial markets. Approximately 740 people attended it in 2013.
September 2013
CBONDS - IV Cbonds Fixed Income Conference: Russia, CIS & CEE .

Kirill Ilinski speaks at 4th Annual Cbonds Fixed Income Conference: Russia, CIS & CEE. This conference brings together international and local banks, FI and non-FI bond issuers, top – level government officials, investment companies and funds.
May 2013
CBONDS - Investfunds Forum IV - Institutional Investor Conference 16 - 17 May 2013.

Kirill has been confirmed as one of the speakers at Investfunds Forum IV professional conference for institutional investors. The event is organized with a view to bring together on one platform all groups of institutional investors
March 2013
Risk Annual Summit 19 - 22 March 2013.
Kirill Ilinski takes part in  Corporate Risk Management Panel: Treasury management in the low yield at the Risk Annual Summit. The Summit brings together more than 250 leading financial and economic luminaries, C-level bankers, regulators, political leaders, renowned academics and opinion makers. Speakers discussed the topical issues in the risk management field, shared their expertise and insights into the issues facing the industry. 
February 2013
Derivatives & Structered Products (Russia & CIS) 13-14 February 2014.
Kirill Ilinski participated in Corporate Risk Management Panel in the conference that was organised by Emerging Markets Financial Conferences. The Conference covered the developments of the syndicated loan and dept caital markets in Russia and the CIS.
October 2012
Kirill Ilinski speaks at CBOE Risk Management Conference, Ireland, September 5 - 7, 2012

The Chicago Board Options Exchange presents its highly acclaimed Risk Management Conference

Where institutional investors learn to better manage risks and increase returns using equity derivatives, options and volatility tools.

July 2012
Kirill Ilinski is confirmed as a speaker at FX Week Europe Conference 2012

Kirill Ilinski has been confirmed as a speaker at the FX Week Europe Conference, being held in London on 21 November 2012.

Bringing together FX professionals from both sell-side and buy-side companies, this conference provides a forum to discuss major influences shaping the foreign exchange environment with industry peers, as well as hear from renowned FX players and regulators.

The Key Note Speaker is Michael Cross, Head of FX Division and Reserves Management at the Bank of England.

Kirill will be chairing a Corporate Treasury Roundtable, at which treasurers from FTSE 100 companies will come together to discuss risk management profiles and hedging techniques for corporates. Fusion specialises in risk advisory services for corporates as well as financial institutions.

May 2012
Kirill gives a guest lecture on financial modeling at the European university of St Petersburg

Ilinski gave a lecture about the role and significance of financial models. His presentation covered the significance and role of models in financial innovation. He also discussed if and how models have played a role in financial crises.
September 2011
Managing Partner Kirill Ilinski participates in panel discussion at InvestHedge 2011 conference in London

Kirill addressed an audience of institutional investors and fund managers from around the globe at the InvestHedge Forum 2011.

The event was organised by Hedge Fund Intelligence and hosted by the British Museum in London. Kirill presented his views
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